Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hello, Baby.

36 weeks.
How did that happen?
I spent the majority of 2012 pregnant. Or I could say, as Eric pointed out last night, I spent the majority of 2012 booze-less, chugging water, restless, and eating weird food. Potato, potaHto.

I can't believe that it's actually time to prepare everything because she'll be here soon and not because I just feel like looking at all her clothes again. So much to do and yet so little. Everything is set up and in order for the most part. I think I'm going to prep my post-baby stockpile next week. The good stuff that I already hate going to the store for when they're the only things we need. You know the usual suspects: toothpaste, laundry soap, dish soap, sponges, shampoo, body wash, Brita filters--
HAHA silly me--this list implies that I'll have time to clean and shower after the baby shows up. Rookie mistake? Eh, maybe. Oh well.
It's officially estimated birth month! Woohoo! I'm very much looking forward to not being pregnant and having another girl in the house. (On the Red Carpet will be so much more fun this year ;)
It's been a strange yet blessedly boring road--nothing to report except for your run of the mill pregnancy fun--sleepy, sciatica, food aversions, good times.
I'm just getting antsy! I want her here now!!!!!

So my dear Scarlett Christine--feel free to arrive at any time. We're just about as ready as we'll ever be :)

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