Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Freak Out Du Jour

"We're having a BABY  in a few weeks, Eric!!!! A freakin' BABY!!!! Like, we went to prom together and now we're having a BABY!!!!!!!!! We're in charge of. a. PERSON!! WTF?!"

Eric--"...Yeah." (goofy smile)

It kinda hit me today. And apparently blew my mind. I freaked out a little. Good thing it's just one of us. He's always so steady. It just trips me out how young we were when we met, how young we still are and the fact that we're now kinda, sorta, for serious having a kid.

Anyways, the freak out was short lived. Replaced by sooo effing excited :)

In other news, I detailed the hell out of my stove.
I know, cuz she's totally in there like "Oh, thank goodness! Did Mom seriously not know that that's what I was waiting for?! Now that the stove's clean, I can totally make my appearance."


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