Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bugs, Fat boys, and Mancubs

"I have six brothers."
^that statement is usually followed by "I'm sorry!"

For what?

Yes, indeed, I do have six brothers and at home I am the only sister living with them.
Now, I have two beautiful sisters who are fantastic women and I love them very much.
But today I have decided to write in defense of brothers, yes, brothers. Because I believe brothers are truly wonderful specimens to be enjoyed and laughed :)

Anytime anyone apologizes for my plethora of male siblings, it makes me laugh. Clearly you have not met my brothers.
Now, this is not to say that living with brothers is a clean, quiet, angelic experience--the little ones are more like loud, messy balls of energy, my TV often mysterious disappears from my room for weeks at a time, only to be returned when I go in and seize it and some how, after cleaning a bathroom, they think it is the polite thing to do to leave the seat up. Yes, there is yelling. Yes, there is chaos. Yes, there are fights. Sometimes I look at my mom and laugh and say "We're raisin' men 'round here!"
*sigh* ah, yes, brothers. I think the part that no one thinks of is the hours we spend laughing and singing while cleaning the kitchen and dancing in the living room. I thank God everyday for my brothers. And six was exactly what I needed. An older one to be the lookout, the middle ones to be my balance, the little ones to be my babies and all of them to be my buddies. They are my constant reminders of God's love.
Take today for example!:

I walked in my door today and was greeted with bear hugs from my three little guys (who happily respond to "bugs" and "fat boys." It's a sister thing.) They smile and shout my name when I come in. It's a beautiful thing to be sure! They then begged me to call in sick to work so I could go to the lake with them. As tempting as their offer was, I had to turn it down. But come on, how sweet is that?
And how bout this! I was leaving my house for Mass tonight and wasn't sure how I felt about what I was wearing (it's a sister thing.) Younger brother #1 aka Man cub (1 of 3) wanders over and asks, "Where are you going?" I told him, and then, being a girl, I tacked on "Do I look ok for Mass?" He responded instantly, "You look beautiful." Can I get one, big group "Awww!"
And would I trade all of this for a little quiet and a non-disappearing TV?!
No need to apologize, people. This life is blessed with fat boys, bugs and man cubs. And it's awesome!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sunday's thoughts on Tuesday

I spent Sunday night sitting around the jacuzzi with (almost) all of my siblings *minus a Cami* Watching everyone laugh and joke and actually, genuinely enjoy each other led me to one conclusion: we have a beautiful life :)
"I can't say what I might believe, but if God made you He's in love with me"
Five for Fighting