Sunday, January 27, 2013

40 weeks say what???

So today is my due date. And I do mean "my" due date. The doctor gave me two, I split the difference and picked today. So yay! 260-something days. 3/4 of a year. A long. friggin. time. I'm sure she'll take more time in there just to chill, (although I am sitting here half-ass-edly timing contractions) but I'm just amazed that the end is in sight!

 There were rough days from beginning to end that now run together in a montage in my head with a weird remix of "I Will Survive" and the Rocky training music. (You know the crap..."geeettting stroonnnngerrrr"). Don't ask me why. It's my head and it's a weird place. Playing during my kick ass remix is a string of memories of the good times--food aversions, the day that for the life of me all I could eat was KFC and I cried (too much for my previously vegan little heart), waking up 3 times a night, sore hips, getting serious tequila envy, nausea, crying during medal ceremonies for the Olympics, using my grocery cart to prop myself up and slink through the store the day I got randomly huge Braxton Hicks, the day the first stretch mark popped up (hips. at 37 weeks. sonofabeeshhh.), and finally all these glorious is-it-or-isn't-it?! cramps and contractions for the past 2 1/2 weeks. Woooooo!!!! I've been lucky though because in the grand scheme of things, it hasn't been bad at all. Blessedly uneventful.

Cue the next montage. The nice one with the non-sarcastic good stuff. It has a nicer song. Probably something a la "Feels Like Home" that makes me think about both my husband and our baby at the same time and cry. Weepy pregnant girl, party of one:

4 positive tests after many negatives, telling Eric and watching him freak out (in a cute way), my first doctor's appointment and ultrasound, telling my parents--I don't think I'll ever forget my dad's face, feeling flutters, hearing "It's a girl!", clothes. shopping., kicks! (although I always heard "I can do high kicks!" in my head), playing games with her (if you poke her feet, she will kick you back), getting her crib set up, that one $30 headband order from Etsy that I managed to justify to myself, rocking in my chair that my sweet hubby surprised me with (It's gray. Eeee!!), seeing her recognize certain songs that I listen to a lot (I kid you not), seeing her move, watching Eric talk to her, all the nicknames we have for her, getting her all to myself for 9 months.........:)

I am so excited to meet this little girl, that I'm experiencing a mixture of "Aww it's over" and "G.T.F.OOOOOOOOO." I know, I know--I'm just so eloquent.
So now, as I have just sent my husband off to work, I will wait and drink more water and time and see if I will end up having to call him and say, "Sorry honey, turn around and drive the hour and a half back, it's game time."

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  1. YAY!! So excited for you guys! You could probably change it to weepy pregnant girls party of two cause I welled up reading this one :) Being a mama is the most amazing,scary, exciting, hilarious, exhausting job you will ever get hired on for and it is SSSSOOOO worth every second! Praying for yoU!