Friday, January 11, 2013

Ef. Word.

My dear sweet husband took my car to work so he could detail the inside in his off time.
He's sweet like that.
It snowed last night.
There was black ice this morning.
Some bastard decided to pull into husband's lane.
My car decided to go for a roll in the ice.

Praise God for guard rails next to ravines.
Praise God for a bruise and a scraped elbow and nothing worse.
Praise God that my husband walked through the door this afternoon.
I am deeply grateful. The pictures made me positively ill, realizing just how much worse it could've been.

However, my stressed little self just needs to get this out:
Ef word.

I am writing this down so a year from now I can laugh at the horrendous timing of it all.
That is all.

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