Saturday, May 4, 2013

Take me back to the sea

Ohhh what a week.  My brain is so fried that I don't even know where to start!
Since this week has been the official 12 week shitshow growth spurt (last week was just a "coming soon!" teaser. Not cool.), I'd like to harken back to happier times. Times when my baby was still sleeping and happy. And we went to the beach!

It started out cloudy and gloom-tastic, so we were long-sleeved up for the weather. Buuutttt the sun did not fail us and soon I was busting out the bathing suits. Yes--suits. Not plural as in "mine" and "hers." Her suits. Judge away (Scarlett definitely did). I've been waiting months for this moment and I needed beach pictures of both glorious get-ups. Tell me I was wrong, I dare you:

Middle picture all I can hear is "An outfit change? Seriously, Mom?"

Gotta love that ocean air! Scarlett wasn't too sure about actually having her feet in the water, but she definitely liked the sound of the waves. It made for a nice, cozy nap time once she was good and over the beach, and over it, she was:

"I am sooo over this, guys! Dad, let's get our nap on."
Oh to go back. It's already calling my name. Actually it was calling my name around 1am when baby girl went on a sleep strike. What does she want? Food and play time. When does she want it? Right. Friggin. Now. and every 2 hours from 1am- 10am.
Excuse me while I go hold sea shells over my ears and dream of a happy place.

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