Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Summer Lists

My favorite list making notebook!
In high school, my best friend and I started a tradition--the summer list!
The last days of school we'd bust out some notebook paper and scribble down a list of summer goodness: restaurants we wanted to try, concerts we'd kill to go to, books to read, places to go--the plan for the perfect summer. Sadly, I skipped out on making a list last summer. I was in my first trimester (read: feeling like crap and constantly looking like I just ate a burrito) and hubby and I were working opposite hours, soooo we didn't really have summer plans beyond my solo trip to Minnesota.

This year though, I am determined to make this the most awesome, fun-tastic summer two people with a baby ever had. Eric and I decided that this would be "The Summer of Activity."
I want to be outdoors as much as possible, get awkward sun tans, take Scarlett to a forest (I think she'd lose it with excitement. Girl loves trees.), and try new things! I made Eric sit down and make a summer list with me and so far, this is what we've got:

Summer 2013
Swim, Hike, Walks--get outdoors! get exercise, get a funky tan, get some air
Cook at least one new recipe a week, be it a whole meal or a dessert (I've been in a cooking rut, so this is a big one and so far I've been rocking it! Gracias, Pinterest!)
Get to the lake. Often.
Head up north and take Scarlett to see the sequoias
At least one overnight at the beach
Spend some downtime at the library with my little bookworm
Read a book together ( book still TBD. Suggestions??)
Hit some outdoor concerts
Make the perfect mojito
Try a few local restaurants--these days if we go out, it's all about ease and efficiency, so we usually just hit up chains that we already know we like. It's time to expand!
Spend some quality time at the farmer's market and u-pick farms

That's what we've got for now, and hopefully we'll be adding more to it in the coming weeks. I'm loving getting a jump start on summer and I'm pretty sure that this one is going to be bommmbbb-tacular :) Suggestions to add, anyone??

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