Sunday, April 28, 2013

I love this kid

Aaaaand we're back (said like this):
Where to begin?
Scarlett will be 12 weeks old on Tuesday but it's insane how much older she feels. She's so chatty and enjoys trying to stand (on our hands) and trying to sit up. Crazy kid. I swear, in the last week she has grown up so much! She's even more alert than before, if that's possible, and she's just a smiley ball of fun and sunshine. Today she sat on my lap while we had Dr. Seuss palooza and she actually sat and listened and liked it. I couldn't get her to do that just 2 weeks ago. Le sigh. (And now I can't get "Gox box socks" out of my head.) I'd be seriously depressed if this phase wasn't so much fun!

So we just got back from spending 10 lovely days visiting my family. My sister was in town from Minnesota with her little man and it was a great time filled with baby squeals and Tangled.

While we were in town, we went to the most fantastical, magical baby consignment sale you ever did see. It was a warehouse crammed with all things baby and if I didn't have an extremely unhappy baby looming over me, I probably would've done some serious damage. But I was on a time crunch and went in on a serious mission for an Exersaucer. I am happy to say that I scored a nice one for 40 bucks and it is officially Scarlett Approved:

"I don't know about this thing, Mama!"

"Oooo is that a butterfly?!"

"It is! That's a butterfly!"

"Helloooo, little butterfly!"

"Silly butterfly!"
What's that? Oh, just the sound of my heart melting to the floor. I'm sooo obsessed with these pictures, it's ridiculous. I want them framed. In every room in my house. Yes, I am absolutely that mom who's totally all about her own kid's cuteness. I happily admit it. Because come on, that is one freakin' cute kid.
More on our trip (and the beach!) soon!

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