Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boiling duckies and assorted good(and not so good)ness

Okay, good stuff first--so much exciting stuff going on this week!
April 16th--in addition to being my favorite Minnesota man's FIRST birthday (Happy birthday, Charlie Doodlebug!), today my nugget is precisely 10 weeks old. 10 weeks!!! It's crazy, she seems so much older. My chub-a-lub is always alert and checking out the world, whipping around her crazy strong neck, trying not to miss a thing. If I put my palm under her little feets when I'm holding her, she stands herself up and gives me a "Hey mama, get a load of this!!" face. I die. And I need to get pictures of all these fancy tricks!  She has discovered the mirror and she loves checking herself out. This past week we spent a lot of time at my sister's house (she was busy rocking a home birth, bringing my new little nephew into the world. Nah bigs.). She has mirror closet doors in her bedroom and Scarlett could not get enough of them. I think she was a little disappointed when we came home to our much less mirrored apartment. Sorry, baby girl. Since we've been back home the weather has been glorious, so afternoon walks have definitely been in order! Scarlett loves to look at trees so our walks usually involve me splitting time between narrating the trees and cracking up at her reactions. *Sigh* so. much. cute.
my adorable Little Hip Squeak!
the focus is waaay off (still figuring out my fancy camera) but come on, could she be more cute?!
Now, maaaaajor buzzkill (*salute* Major Buzzkill), we are in the middle of a trifecta of misery. A shitstorm, if you will. As I wrote before, thrush has reared it's ugly head, once again. It's hard to believe that we've been fighting this for almost 8 f-ing weeks now, 6 weeks officially diagnosed. Pretty much her whole little life. EW. My sister's lovely midwife took some time to talk to us about it and her opinion was that one or both of us is dealing with a systemic condition.  Aaaand I'm inclined to agree after doing more research. So basically, I'm on an intense diet and probiotic regimen for the next six weeks that requires me to basically go full-on Paleo. What. Le. Fuck? How the hell does a former vegan do a complete 180 and go Paleo? I guess like this: no carbs, no sugar (including fruit. I might go crazy.), no dairy except plain yogurt, no starchy vegetables. I'd say I need a drink, but those are out of the question too. It's scrambled eggs, salad & veggies, lean meats and tuna on bell peppers for days. And water and green tea like crazy. Ef that shit This should be fun..?

Fun stuff, for reals (sorta): Scarlett loves her little Wubbanub ducky. (Mr. Ducky to us. We're super creative with toy names around here.) Anyways, I realllly needed to blow torch the hell out of the thing til all the thrush on it died boil it, but I couldn't figure out how to do it with out destroying the duck part.
That is, until I actually pulled out the pot:
hehehe clever
just hanging out to dry
This had me and Eric quite entertained last night

But wait, there's more! I said TRIfecta, people.
In addition to thrush, we haaaaave.....teething.
I know, right? In my perfect little world, a 10 week old has NO business teething, but apparently, my 10 week old does.
Scarlett has some chompers coming in and I hate what they're doing to her--grumps galore, fussy from the pain and refusing to nap for more than 15 minutes. My poor baby is so tired and just cannot catch a break.

And, just for funsies, we have (I'm pretty sure) a growth spurt that decided to show up early.
Thrush. Teething. Growth Spurt. Why?
So basically, my baby's mouth is raging, but all she wants to do is eat for ages at a time. It's making her soooo tired but all the discomfort is keeping her awake.

In 6 weeks, there is a shot of tequila with my name on it.
Grumpy, uncomfortable, poor baby.
Frazzled, sleepy, hungry mommy.
Check, please.
Hoping the rest of the week is kinder to my sweet babe!

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