Saturday, March 23, 2013

Play it cool, baby!

So yesterday we made it out of the house. Eric was home and I needed to make a return and I wanted to go to Kohl's, blah, blah, blah.
Anyway! I was super excited to just be out of the house so I suggested that, since our shrimp was still in a good mood, we go walk around the mall. Just for funsies. So we got there and I got Scarlett all Moby-ed up. We didn't plan on being there long so I decided not to tote around the diaper bag.

Wehlllllll, we got as far as Old Navy (basically, not very far) and my growth-spurting girl decided that she must eat. NOW. My nursing cover was in the car. Ugh. I figured since there was no line and it didn't seem busy, I could get a "dressing room" and just feed her real quick. I grabbed a couple shirts that I was obviously going to try on. by myself. with a baby. Ok, who was I fooling? But at least the pretense was there. It was probably 5 minutes, 8 tops. (I refuse to say '10' because I know it wasn't that long). Voila, happy baby. I popped her back in her carrier, grabbed my decoy clothes and walked out of the dressing room. BOOM. Apparently in that time, the whole world decided to show up at Old Navy, form a 10 person line for the dressing room and give me one collective dirty look as I stepped out of the room that I had apparently occupied for too long.

Internal monologue:
Ok. No big deal. I mean, they don't know that you were just feeding your baby and not trying on clothes. I'll just walk away. No one will have any idea---

Not once we got away, not when we were in the clear. Nope. Miss Thing decided to let it out right as we passed the line of irritated looking people. Just in case it wasn't clear, she decided to spit up all over my shoulder and Moby wrap. Ya know, for good measure.

Way to play it cool, kid.
I decided it was best to leave before the angry mob started.
Misadventures of new motherdom.

In other news, my kid is a bunny.

She's not gonna hate me when she's older, right?

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