Friday, March 29, 2013

11pm thoughts at 8am

Scarlett loves Easy A.

Aaaaand the parenting fails begin.
Baby girl hates tummy time. A lot. Last night I put her down, ready for the meltdown. She popped up, looked past me to the movie behind me and gave our TV a big ol' smile for a good 10 minutes. Thanks, Emma Stone, for making my baby enjoy her daily workout.

Morning books and tunes--this is after a tummy time meltdown, hence frowny face.

I seriously need to stop stalking Baby Gap/Old Navy. It's a problem. Scarlett and I go wishful shopping at least once a day week. (You know. Load up your online cart with everything your little heart desires, look at the grand total, say "Well that sucks," and move on to your next activity. If you say you don't do it, you're lying.) Anyways, the summer lines are coming out and the last thing I need to do is drool over chambray ruffled rompers and floral sundresses.....because occasionally I break. And end up buying said chambray ruffled romper. And convince myself it'll go in her Easter basket. You know, sometimes. Not last week or anything. Shut up.

HGTV--(noun) a TV network that sucks in the first time home buyer and causes them to obsess over potential DIY projects and decorating and faux exposed brick back splashes
   --For similar effects, see: "Ikea" and "Crate & Barrel"

Our shrimp has officially been sleeping through the night for 2 weeks now. No schedule or anything like that, I just gave her a simple bed time routine and apparently it's working. Pretty fancy trick for a 6 week old to pull off. Even better to keep it up for 2 weeks. Mama appreciates it. Good job, kid! Hopefully it lasts.

Unexpected shit I bought this week: Maple flavoring??? Damn it, Pinterest.

I actually worked out today. It was pitiful, but it was something. We'll see how I feel tomorrow since last week I did, like, 40 crunches and was sore the next day. Good times.

Eric sings the Rubber Ducky song from Sesame Street to Scarlett during bath time. It's pretty much the cutest thing I've ever heard.

We have a double chin, neck rolls, tummy chub and thunder thighs--woot woot! Growth spurts are the craziest things ever. We're on the tail end of my nugget's 6 week growth spurt and I swear, in a 3 hour nap, her thighs doubled in size. So much chub! I'm dying of cuteness.

I got Eric to try the Moby wrap. I don't think he'll ever be the same again:

Somebody's sucked in

And last, but not least--we are officially on the move! Pre-approval is underway and the realtor is hunting. We've been talking about it for a year and a half, and it's finally time, I hope. Fingers crossed that it works out cuz Lord knows our budget is slim for the area we're looking at. Another reason to stop watching so much HGTV--it's positively painful/nauseating to see the 6 bedroom mansions we could afford in other states. If only we liked San Antonio.....

bedebedebde that's all folks.

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  1. you at least just go online shopping. i on the other hand, actually go to the stores hold the dress, admire it, walk around then put it back and tell myself maybe ill be back to buy....then do it again a few days later and put it back again. the employes have stopped greeting me. lol