Wednesday, March 13, 2013

News from the front

It is all out war here.
I tried polite negotiations--prescription nystatin.
Ef that, got nothing done. (Seriously, who was the genius that decided to put sugar in a medicine to fight an infection that thrives on sugar?)
I lost the battle.

I tried going rogue--grapefruit seed extract.
It brought about retreat but never a full surrender.
I'd see a hint of clearing up, get all excited, cry victory, only to see the enemy regenerate and multiply over nap time.
I lost the battle.

Today I drop my A-bomb.
Today, shit gets real.
Today we've got our war paint on.
And by war paint, I mean gentian violet.
My baby's mouth is BLUE.

Thrush--you're going dooowwwnnnn, bitch.
You hurt my baby and I will destroy you.
I have lost two battles, but I'm telling you, I'm a stubborn sonuvabitch and
I WILL win the war.
Feel my deep blue, lip staining wrath.

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