Wednesday, February 27, 2013


When I was a teenager I used to joke about being my parents' hippie child. I guess I was more of a half-ass hipster with my random little known bands and indie flicks and TOMS and love of transcendental literature....ok, I still love all those things. But I wouldn't say I was ever obscure enough for the truly hipsta-fied. I rocked the white v-neck, cardigan, and skinny jeans look with the best of them, but I was a few beanies and decorative glasses short of a club membership.
goofball already.
So now here I am in this new world of mama-dom. And--same shit, different setting. I have found that my ideals mostly fall in hippie-mom category. But in this world of crunchy granola moms I am.......


Oh yes. Oatmeal. I've got the oats and grains, but it's watered down as all hell and not even close to hardcore. I have my leanings and tendencies, but sometimes expectation and reality are two verrry different things. I'll give ya a few big, fat for instances:

I birthed med free and naturally. BUT, on the way to my recovery room, my nurse asked if I would like any pain killers. I believe my exact words were "Labor's over, the baby's out--shoot me up." (Because, ya know, Motrin is such hard stuff). She got a kick out of it.

I like the idea of cloth diapering. I think I'd like to try it. Juuuust not this time. I thought about it while I was pregnant and the conclusion I came to--one thing at a time. I'll try to get this mom thing figured out before throwing that into the mix. Maybe for volume 2. This time around, it's Earth's Best and "ain't nobody got time (or space) for that!"

I cosleep/bed share. BUT, soo not my original plan. I have a crib and a rocker for this little lady. I thought she was bound to love one of them. And actually, she loves both! For naps. Night--fuhgettaboutit. If I want to hope for more than 1 hour of sleep at a time, it's with her on my chest or next to me or nothing at all. Can't say that I mind having a little snuggle bunny, though :) Even if she does snore like a bear.

I breastfeed. Didn't think I'd use a bottle for another few months and even then, only when I needed to leave her with my husband for a couple hours. Ha. As of last night, I am officially doing one pumped bottle per night. Didn't see that happening, but at this point it's better for all involved--happy baby, more mentally stable mama, husband...ok, maybe he lost out on this one. Now he wakes up too to hold her while I prep the goods. Muahaha. And I seriously can't wait to start introducing solids so I can catch a break with feedings.

I baby wear and we both like it. It's so cozy! But with warmer weather coming, I'm counting the days til she's big enough for her stroller. Mostly because I think she'll love it because she's so curious and nosy. Partly because it would just be nice and convenient.

So there you have it. I try, but at the end of the day, I's a big bowl of squishy oatmeal. Whatevs. Who's keeping score?

In other news, here's the latest and greatest from Babylandia:

She loves to talk to her stuffed animals. She stares at them and smiles and giggles. AH-dorable.

Someone's tolerating headbands quite well. Oh, honey. Give mama an inch...
And finally! I bought these shorts in the fall and basically ever since I've been counting the seconds til I could put her in them! It's everything I hoped it'd be and more. Why didn't I buy every size?!
My new favorite outfit.

hehehe I die.

cozy toes!

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