Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sap--it's not just for trees anymore.

I am a full blown sentimental sap.
Yep. If there was a support group, I would be a part of it, if there was a shirt, I'd own it. Hell, I'd run the group and the shirt factory.
It can be embarrassing at times--crying at commercials, anyone?--but I've embraced it. S'pose that's for the best since this whole pregnancy thing has my emotionalism jacked. Big time.
Case in point--today I had a moment. I was all alone so no one would've ever known, but here I am posting about it on the internet.
I was watching an old Gilmore Girls episode. At the very end, Luke goes to his ex's house in superman protective dad mode and tells her how he will fight for his daughter. He was yelling about how he needs to see her and what a great relationship they have and how he'll fight to keep it and I...yeah, teary hot mess. Got me thinking about my sweet, protective husband.

 Now that I'm showing much more and he's felt/seen her kick, I think it's gotten more real to him. He has entered the too cute "My wife is delicate" phase. Protective to the max. He was making pasta sauce the other night and had me examine the mushrooms to make sure I could eat them. Even after I assured over and over that mushrooms were just fine. In the past few weeks, he surprised me with a beautimous new rocking chair, flowers, TJ's fruit leather (he's got my numba), offered repeatedly to paint my toes for me after I mentioned I couldn't reach them anymore, rubbed my shoulders and jumped to his feet saying, "What?! What do you need?!" if I gave the slightest cue that I was getting out of bed at night. It's so sweet, I don't even know what to do with myself.

I can't freakin' wait to see him with our little lady. In my head, she looks just like him--I swear in our last ultrasound I saw his nose. Something tells me she'll have him on her little finger, but he's already started the, "She will not be allowed to wear/see/do that" talk. Hehehe. He's a sweetheart. Hopefully she finds someone just like her daddy some day.

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