Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hormones and gratitude.

Soooo, I'm totally that weird girl who walks around her house talking to her stomach.
Sue me.
I'm alone a lot and enjoy that now I can talk to my new little girl(!)friend. Today we were cleaning and doing laundry and she was kicking up a storm. I assume this means she enjoys housework as much as her mama ;) I tried different names on her, I asked her what she wanted for lunch, I hung her new pictures on the fridge.
At some point while I was hovering over my stove, willing my quesadilla to cook faster, I had what I like to call a gratitude/hormone attack. Glad you asked. A gratitude/hormone attack happens when I'm overcome with thoughts that I'd have any other day and smile, but during pregnancy they turn me into a crying mess. I started thinking about our little family, and Eric telling me last night to "take care of my little girl!" (heart=melted), and...implosion. I stood there crying  like the hormonal sap that I am, with my arms wrapped around my stomach, thanking God for giving us this little life. This sweet little girl is ours. Just that statement blows my little mind. I'm amazed at how much I love this little peanut already. And how even in just a day, she's brought out a side of Eric that makes me love him even more. I mean, he's been great the whole pregnancy, but watching him process the whole "girl" thing and seeing his silly smile afterward just....:) wow.

All this while cooking Mexican food.
You should see me watch a chick flick.

I wonder if this means I shouldn't watch The Family Man this Christmas?

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